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Excelion 2000 Brush cutter

A powerful, light, multi-function brush cutter

The Excelion 2000 brush cutter is designed to make your work easier and provide a solution to all your needs in terms of handing, durability, and balance. Equally effective for normal maintenance work or intensive cutting, the Excelion 2000 perfectly clears away tall, dense grasses, woody growth, brambles, and shrubs. Quiet and pollutionfree, with little vibration when operating, it is comfortable and effortless to use for long periods. It adapts to many uses, with its interchangeable multifunction heads.


  • Perfect balance of the tool for improved working comfort.
  • The carrying harness supplied with the tool allows great freedom of movement.
  • The blade can be changed very quickly: 20 seconds for the City Cut, for instance.
  • New user-friendly hook allows quick release of the brush cutter.
  • Comfortable Soft Touch handle.
  • Quick adjustment of the handlebar to suit the user’s body shape; no need for tools.
  • Patented PELLENC system for quick loading of trimmer wire in the head.
  • The new TAP CUT 2 cutting head enables loading without opening the head.


  • 6 different interchangeable blade types to adapt to any work site.
  • Two wire heads: manual or semi-automatic.
  • Can be used for a variety brush clearing jobs: tall, dense, or woody growth, brambles, or bushes.
  • For intensive cutting, brush cutting, mulching, or sawing branches up to 8 cm in diameter.

Pellenc advantages


Angle transmission (as standard)

This magnesium angle transmission designed by PELLENC is very light and durable, and keeps the machine perfectly balanced. Special attention was paid to keeping the operating noise level to a minimum. In addition, the attachment screws are captive so they won’t get lost.


Economy mode

An Eco mode is available on the brush cutter. This brings the dual advantages of extending the machine’s operating time and working at lower speed to limit the scattering of debris, which is especially useful in urban environments.

PELLENC twisted line

PELLENC twisted line significantly improves the performance of the brush cutter, both in terms of energy consumption and noise. It is specially designed to provide high resistance to abrasion, thereby avoiding excessive wire consumption.

Cutting head

The 5 interchangeable cutting heads have been designed to make them easier to use: Blade Cut, City Cut, Roll Cut, Multi Cut, and Tap Cut. The wire loading systems and the blade attachments of the Roll Cut, Cut Tap, and Multi Cut cutter heads are patented. PELLENC PATENT


City Cut cutting head

The new City-Cut cutting head provides weeding without projections.

Technical characteristics

Max. power – W
– Cutting diameter: 340 mm wire
– Cutting diameter: 320 mm blade
Combustion engine equivalence – cc 45
Weight (excluding cutting tool and casing) – kg 5.4
Max. rotational speed – rpm
– Standard mode
– Eco mode
2,000 to 6,200
2,000 to 4,200
Wire diameter – Ø 2.4 mm min./3 mm max.
Loading ROLL CUT Ø 2.4 -> 9 m / Ø 3 -> 6 m
Loading the TAP CUT / TAP CUT 2 Ø 2.4 -> 5 m / Ø 3 -> 3.5 m
Sound pressure level (LpA)* – dB(A) 84
Sound power level (LWA)* – dB(A) 93
Right handle vibration level (ah)** – m/s² 1 to 3.9 depending on the head
Left handle vibration level (ah)** – m/s² 1.3 to 4.5 depending on the head
Interchangeable cutting heads BLADE CUT / CITY CUT / ROLL CUT /
Battery life in Eco mode*** with Ulib 1500 Up to 6 hrs

Technical Specs

ModelExcelion 2000
Country of ManufactureFrance
Commercial Warranty (Years)3
Starting SystemPush Button Start
Power SourceBattery