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HELION Hedge Trimmers Compact and Telescopic

HELION Hedge Trimmer


Power and precision


trimmers are efficient tools that meet the needs of professionals in terms of power and trimming quality. Their odourless operation and light weight allow the user to work comfortably when trimming hedges, ornamental trees and also for pruning with the new HELION 2 COMPACT.


  • The blade anti-lock system allows for smooth, uninterrupted work.
  • Makes the user’s job easier over long periods with a better compromise between vibrations and cutting capacity.
  • Effective with cutting power designed for pruning and finishing (Helion 2 Compact).
  • The Quick Switch system lets the user switch between the 4 types of hedge trimmer blades in less than a minute.
  • One and a half working day’s battery life with the UliB 750 battery.


  • Blade anti-lock system
  • IP54 sealing ensures durability and means the tool can be used in all weather conditions.
  • Stainless steel anti-kickback guard.


  • Fast Connector system: for rapid tool connection and disconnection: (Helion 2 Compact).
  • Soft Touch rotatable handle for ease of handling.
  • The blade anti-lock system eliminates the need to force the tool.


  • Lightweight, only 3.5 kg with a 63 cm hedge trimmer blade.


The advantages of Pellenc


Fast Connector System

On the HELION 2 COMPACT, the Fast Connector allows for rapid connection and disconnection of the tool to and from the battery when working—a key safety element that allows you to quickly get out of any risky or uncomfortable situation.


High performance sharpening

The protector on the HELION 2 COMPACT, easily disassembles for rapid sharpening of the blades.


Flexible head

On the pole models, the head is adjustable by +90°/-45°, which means you can trim in all positions.


Rotating handle

The handle is adjustable by +/- 90° for vertical work without bending the handle.


Anti-locking system

A unique device reverses the motor’s direction of rotation if the blade gets caught in the vegetation. This enables it to be easily removed and prevents the blades from twisting or breaking.


Optimised power and battery life

The 4 speeds make it possible to adapt the speed to the type of vegetation. Good management of the selector also saves on battery use.


Robust cutter bar

Composed of light weight and robust materials: The stiffener is in aluminium and the blade is in high carbon steel.



Quick Switch

All cutter bars are universal and easily interchangeable. The mounting and removal of the cutter bar takes less than a minute.


 Standard equipment. Optional equipment
Maximum power – W 1200 1200
Combustion engine equivalence – in³ 1.83 1.83
Weight (with a 24.8 in blade) – lbs 7.7 9.5
Pole length – in 59.05 in – 78.74 in
Cutting rate – cuts/min 3 200 to 3 800 3 200 to 3 800
Available cutting length – in 10.6 – 20.1 – 24.8 (with/without deflector) – 29.5 in 10.6 – 20.1 – 24.8 – 29.5 in
Tooth spacing – in 1.57 1.57
Tooth height – in 0.95 0.95
5-notch rotating handle +/-90°
Multi-position pivoting cutting head +85°/-45°
Noise level (LPA)* – dB(A) 84 83
Guaranteed noise level (LWA)* – dB(A) 92 96
Front handle vibration level (ah)** – ft/s² 8.5 12.8
Rear handle vibration level (ah)** – ft/s² 9.8 11.15
Quick Switch
Fast Connector
4-speed selector switch
Belt carrying kit
Harness carrying kit
Battery life**** with ULiB 750 Up to 1.5 days Up to 1.5 days
Battery life**** with ULiB 1500 Up to 3 days Up to 3 days

Technical Specs

Country of ManufactureFRANCE
Starting SystemPush Button Start
Power SourceBattery