(02) 4325 2107

(02) 4325 2107

Brush Cutters

For lightweight, precision, high performance, quality design, tough, easy to handle, renowned Brush Cutters we’ve got you covered. We’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing the right brush cutter and proudly stock only quality, Japanese manufactured models with generous 5-year warranties. Our Echo, Shindaiwa and Maruyama machines are easy to start, reliable and very hard working. Our range includes brush cutters for small residential yards, to heavier duty commercial cutters. Feel free to look at our product range below or pop in to our Mower & Chainsaw shop located in East Gosford.

We offer full comprehensive servicing on any brush cutter, from changing the trimmer line to replacing the cord, or even performing a full carburetor service if needed.

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Contact us on (02) 4325 2107  or visit our mower center at 59 George Street East Gosford, NSW 2250