Lawn Mowers

Powerful mowers for any job.

We only stock and sell the best; Toro, Victa and Masport. These push mowers are powered by quality engines such as Kohler and Briggs, and Stratton. Our mower range includes powerful, minimal effort, precision cut, lightweight, heavy duty, and easy handling. We have a wide range of lawn mowers commercial, mulching mowers, catching mowers and self-propelled mowers.

4-stroke Mowers are tough and capable, accommodating anything from small to large domestic lawns, to commercial application. Commercial Mowers are tough and powerful mowers that deliver a high-quality cut in all conditions. Mulching Mowers are great for environmentally minded customer. These mowers cut the grass into very thin clippings that get left on the lawn, and over time, act as a fertiliser to increase the quality of your grass. As well as saving you the hassle of emptying the catcher. Catching Mowers catch grass clippings as you mow, allowing you to distribute the clippings elsewhere in your yard. Allowing for a more polished lawn look. Self-propelled mowers take all the hard work out of mowing by propelling themselves forward, all you need to do is guide the mower. These are great for the elderly or for lawns with steep slopes.

We service all types of mowers and also offer a convenient pick-up and delivery service.